Terms and conditions

To book your treatment or consultation with Dr Joshua, we take a £100 deposit.

We take this to keep non-attendance and late patients to a minimum as this would drive up prices and cut into other patient’s treatment times, which we would find unfair.

Please reed the following terms and conditions carefully.

Your deposit gets fully credited towards treatments had on the day of your appointment.
If no treatments are had it serves as your consultation fee.
Deposits are non-refundable.

In case someone from the booking team or Dr Joshua himself booked you in without taking the deposit, payment for your treatment on the day is due in full.

Our cancellation policy allows you to reschedule your appointment once, 7 days in advance for no additional cost.
Rescheduling 7-3 days before your consultation will cause you to lose 50% of your deposit.
Not attending your consultation OR rescheduling within 48 hours of the day of your appointment will cause you to lose your full deposit.
If you are not checked in to the waiting area by the starting time of your appointment, there is a chance you can not be seen or treated that day, and you may lose your deposit.

This includes, but is not limited to, sickness, travel problems, local traffic and public transportation issues.

Please note it might not be possible for you to have treatment on the day if you:

  • Have an important event soon after your treatment due to possible bruising and swelling
  • Have an active cold sore or other skin condition in the treated area
  • Have your wedding within 6 weeks from your consultation
  • Have any underlying illnesses or previous surgeries in the area that weren’t mentioned beforehand
  • Have had previous or incorrectly placed filler that needs to be removed first to guarantee optimal results.


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