Coronavirus consultation + test


During this consultation Dr Joshua will check your saturation levels, fever and administer an EC certified, 15 minute COVID-19 Immunoassay test to determine your immune response to the Coronavirus.

Using a droplet of blood from a finger-prick this test determines both early (IgM) and late (IgG) antibodies to COVID-19.
It’s the ideal way to establish whether or not you have been infected, could be a carrier or have been infected in the past.

The test is just 4 easy steps:
1. I collect a blood sample from your finger with a pin-prick
2. I add the blood to the sample well on the test casette
3. I place 2-3 drops of the buffer in the sample well
4. We read your results in 10 – 15 minutes

There are four possible outcomes:
A. A negative result, only the control line C will show, meaning no viral antibodies have been detected.

B. Early infection, the C line and M (IgM) line will show, signaling early-stage viral antibody detection.

C. Late infection, the C line and G line will show, signalling late-stage viral antibody detection. Meaning you have underwent viral infection and have built up an immune response.

D. Double positive result, both C, G and M lines will show, meaning early- and late-stage antibodies were detected, so you are in a transitional phase. Retest in one week untill you only test positive for IgG.

These tests have 99% specificity and 92% sensitivity. So although rare, false positives and false negatives are possible, as with any test.

These tests are taken for informative, not diagnostic purposes.