Lip fillers seem to keep on increasing in popularity week by week. Whether due to social media, celebrities or the fact that they’re becoming less and less stigmatised, who knows? Unfortunately due to our exposure to overinjected, unnatural looking, duck-like lips all around us, there seems to be a basic fear on everyone’s mind when they think lip fillers. “Please don’t make me look ducky” or “I want them to look so natural, no one but me could tell” are often the first words out of a patient’s mouth when they ask for lip fillers. And we understand, all day long you’re being bombarded with plump red lips, full pouts, defined cupid’s bows so we start to think: “That would look good on me”. In our opinion, the perfect lip does not look tampered with. They can be nice and full, sharp or round, however you prefer, but in the end they have to look like you’re born with them. We use a very careful combination of cannula and sometimes needlework to achieve that rare, perfect and natural look.


15 – 30 Minutes

3 Days for the superficial swelling, 3 – 4 weeks for deep tissue swelling (less obvious)

6 – 9 Months

Bruising, swelling, lumps

Avoid touching, eating or drinking for 2 hours and makeup for 6 hours.

Cannula and sometimes additional needlework.

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